Since childhood I have been acutely intuitive, empathic and felt compassion for the suffering in others. I have healed and transformed from my own story of suffering-always a work in progress. The calling to be a psychotherapist is rooted in my personal transformation and is an essential part of who I am. My entire life has been rooted in healing, creativity, and wisdom.

As as child I felt a strong connection with my soul and the divine. When I say “soul”, I mean my essence, true self, or authentic self. Soul is the knowing we feel within of being who we really are. When I say “the divine” I am referring to the transpersonal aspect of life, beyond the self. You can call the divine by many names, spirit, nature, god, goddess, oneness, source, the mystery, a specific name of a being, etc.

Since I was a teenager, my main desire has been to developed my creativity, intuition and connection with the divine. I am always working on myself through art, writing, and healing.

I first found the voice of my true self through writing and painting when I was eleven. I have not stopped painting and writing since then.

Experiencing a life changing spiritual awakening in 1995 that opened up my perception to the non-physical realms and the unconscious, I transformed. My soul emerged from the shadow and began occupying my ego self and life. I knew then that my calling was to help guide others on their healing journey.

I have delved into a variety of metaphysical, spiritual and psychological modalities over the years. Tarot, astrology, Reiki, crystal healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, past life regression, Buddhism, yoga, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, and depth psychology being among my favorites.

I integrate what is most effective from each exploration while drawing upon the wisdom I receive directly from the divine. I communicate with non-physical beings and spend most of my time exploring the spiritual and unconscious dimensions. These explorations are my greatest passion.

I express what I discover through art and writing as much as I feel the calling to help others on their path of healing.

My relationship with the divine and the metaphysical aspect of life is non-religious, non-dogmatic, experienced-based, and rooted in a feeling of oneness that honors nature and perceives the divine as love. We each have our own connection with spirit and I welcome the variety of practices and beliefs each person values, so long as the belief does not oppress or cause harm to anyone.

I feel that life as a work of art and every soul in an artist. The suffering and lessons we endure is the grist for the mill, turning the mud ball self into the pearl self. This is why art and healing are the same in my heart and why being an artist is as vital to me as being a healer.

I became a professional intuitive guide in 2001, working out of spiritual shops and in private practice. I chose to become a psychotherapist in order to deepen the healing work I do with others. I find the most benefit from expanding my healing practices to include spiritual, metaphysical, evidence based, mindfulness, and psychodynamic lenses. I like to cover all my bases!

I am trained as an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki practitioner from Bennett Stellar University. I have a Masters in Psychology from Saybrook University. Currently I am a licensed mental health counselor associate, LMHCA and I read at Vajra on Tuesdays.


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